February 21st 2019 – If Heaven Had Visiting Hours

“Therefore you too have grief now; but I will see you again, and your heart will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you. (John 16:22)

If Heaven had visiting hours, Today I would clear my schedule. I would leave my phone behind, along with all the other responsibilities that seem so important at times. I’d tell everyone not to worry, that I would be back soon. “I’m going to see you, my Mom.”

I would pack a bag of things that you liked to eat, not forgetting your favorite sweet rolls. Also some things to show you, stuff you’ve missed since you’ve been gone.

I would make my way up to Heaven to see you for the first time since July of 2016. After reaching the entrance gates, I’d see you standing there, looking as beautiful as ever, Your eyes clear and gleaming again, no more pain or sadness hiding in them. Your smile is bigger than ever before. All signs of illness are gone. Nothing remains but the look of complete happiness.
I’d hug you tight, never wanting to let go. It’s been too long since I’ve heard you say “I love you”

We’d sit on a bench much like the one at the park in front that old car. We were at Trail Dust town where I took you the last birthday I spent with you. I’d hold your hand and rest my head on your shoulder, much like we did that day – just you and I. I’d tell you stories and Jokes to make you laugh, a sound I’ve missed more than you could ever know.

If Heaven had visiting hours, I’d tell you about it all. I’d tell you about the nights I’ve cried because I miss having you around. I’d tell you about the laughs we have somehow been able to share. Life without you hasn’t been easy, I’m sure you’ve seen it all. However, there have been ups to go along with the downs.

After catching up on all the things that’s happening at home, we could spend the rest of the afternoon doing all the things we used to do when you were still around. I would share with you that I’m still writing the Christian devotions everyday, hoping that you have been able to continue to read them in Heaven.

When the day is over and it’s time for me to go, I’d be so sad to leave you. I’d remind you how much I love you and am trying to make you proud.  I’d give you one more hug, not wanting to let go. But it would be OK, because Heaven would still have visiting hours, and I could just come back again.

Madeleine Lavallee
February 21st 1935 – July 2nd 2016
Happy Birthday Mom! I Love and Miss you…

July 3rd 2016 – Saying Goodbye with Peace


Heavenly Father, please protect us from the vicious attacks of the enemy. Give us strength and protection when we are caught in the sadness of missing the ones we love. Please heal the hearts of the ones that have lost their parents, spouses, children or any loved ones in general.
Thank You the gift of ever lasting life with You in Heaven. All we have to do is ask You into our hearts and live for you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

If you have not asked Jesus into your life and experienced His Amazing Grace. Please Click Here to ask Jesus to be your Lord and savior.

If you are in need of prayer for yourself or others, please Click Here


Rob Lavallee

Scriptural Seeds Ministries 


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