May 20th 2018 – God Will Come Through

“Then the king said, “What honor or dignity has been bestowed on Mordecai for this?” And the king’s servants who attended him said, “Nothing has been done for him.” (Esther 6:3)

In the book of Esther, Mordecai was in a hard place. He worked hard for the King and even helped save his life, yet because of one evil person, Mordecai’s life was threatened. While this may have been the case, there was good news coming for Mordecai. In fact, the very man who would love to see Mordecai dead, would be the man the King would command to honor Mordecai with a parade.

We can be definitely be encouraged by this story. Maybe it looks like things aren’t going well. You may be worshiping God, serving, giving and still the pieces aren’t coming together. But in the blink of an eye, the pieces will fall into place and God will show you His plan. His plan is far more glorious than any we can come up with. Today, be encouraged that God sees all that you do for Him. While we may have to endure hardships in life, the good news is that in this life and in the next God promises joy for those who trust in Him. He is faithful. He will come through in the end.

“As believers, we may for a season go unappreciated, but we will not be unrewarded.”


Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your faithfulness and for the promise that You will never leave me. Help me to trust in you. Increase my faith and fill me with Your Spirit so that I can live in great expectation of what You have in store for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Do you have a relationship with Jesus?

If you do not know Jesus personally,  I encourage you not to pass up the precious gift of His love and eternal life. Jesus died on the cross for you and me. He loves us and wants to help us. If you have not asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior please click here 4 Simple Steps to Jesus

If you are in need of prayer for yourself or others, please Click Here


Rob Lavallee

Scriptural Seeds Ministries

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