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May 26th 2019 – Learn Wisdom Reading God’s Word

My son, pay attention to my wisdom; Lend your ear to my understanding, That you may preserve discretion, And your lips may keep knowledge.” (Proverbs 5:1-2)

Every living person has choices to make. No matter the size, we all must choose. The question is not whether or not we will have to make a decision; rather the question is, “What will we base that decision on?” In the book of Proverbs, God delivers great wisdom to all of humanity. Some of it is common sense and other parts of it are contrary to what we would normally believe. So, why would God give us all these bits of wisdom? Because He is a loving Father desiring to see His children live a blessed life.

Understanding the reality of God’s wisdom in scripture is easy enough, using it to guide our lives is the tough part. For instance, Proverbs may speak of the blessings of correction but who really praises God when they are called out for doing something wrong? He also warns us against the dangers of all sin, even laziness and pride, yet each day we all forget or flat out reject these truths. So what is the solution? First, we must know God’s Word and trust that it is best. Secondly, we need to ask His Holy Spirit to strengthen us to walk in God’s wisdom. When we are directed by God’s Word and empowered by His Spirit, we will find our life is truly blessed.

“God’s wisdom brings a preferred choice or direction for experiencing His best in our lives.”


Heavenly father, I know that I have made some foolish choices in the past. I desire to understand Your ways and to live by them because they are best. Fill me afresh with your Holy Spirit so that I can understand Your Word as well as put it into practice. Even in those times I fall short, I will praise You for the grace I find in Christ. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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Rob Lavallee

Scriptural Seeds Ministries