August 16th 2019 – Celebrate Your Uniqueness

“I am giving you a promise now while the seed is still in the barn. You have not yet harvested your grain, and your grapevines, fig trees, pomegranates, and olive trees have not yet produced their crops. But from this day onward I will bless you.” (Haggai 2:19)

If you found yourself on trial as a Christian, would they have enough evidence to convict you? This important question is good for us to ask because it causes us to assess our walk with the Lord. While this is helpful, be careful not to fall into the trap believing that all Christians look the same.

When we have trusted in Jesus for salvation, experienced His Love and blessings in our lives. We should want to share that with others. Look around you. Is there someone hurting or in need of God’s Truth? What are your skills or spiritual gifts? Are you using them for the glory of God? You see, each of us is created to glorify God, but we all do that in different ways. Each of us is at a different level in our Christian walk, but we are all walking with the same person, “Jesus”. So this morning, look at your life and ask God to show you how you can share His love and His message in a way that only you can. He’s saved you. He’s equipped you with your unique ability to relate with others.

“Celebrate your uniqueness in the Lord.”


Heavenly Father, Thank You for creating me the way that You have. Each aspect of me is part of Your creative Spirit. I pray that You show me how I can use my gifts for Your glory and for the furthering of the Gospel. Help me to walk outside my door and be ready to engage those around me for Your purpose. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Rob Lavallee

Scriptural Seeds Ministries

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