November 22nd 2018 – What Happened to “True Thanksgiving?”

Todays message from Roy Squyres

Psalm 50:14
“Offer to God Thanksgiving, and give your praise of gratitude to The Most High.”

To the Good, God fearing citizens of this Nation, The United States of America, and to all around the World, who celebrate Havest Season, may we truly give thanks for the good things our Creator God has given to us this year.
May we count our blessing and offer praise for still being a free nation, for our families and loved ones, for the privilege of worshipping without government restraints. We are still one nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all, and let us remember those who gave their all for our rights and freedoms, let us give thanks.
There are those who do not believe in God, who would like to forget this time of gratitude toward a Gracious Creator and Provider, and erase from public memory this season, Let us all, who call upon God, join hearts as one people, to give
Praise and give thanks, as our forefathers and mothers have done, and as we grew up doing. And may God Almighty recieve our gratitude as One People, One Nation indivisible. And may you all have a wonder and blessed ‘Holy Day of Thanksgiving’. We, at Scriptural Seeds wish you all a
Happy Thanksgiving.

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We are your Bond-servants in Christ.

Roy Squyres


Scriptural Seeds Ministries

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