January 29th 2018 – Loyalty (Faithfulness in Action)

“And he did what was right in the sight of the LORD, but not with a loyal heart.” (2 Chronicles 25:2)

Loyalty is not a word we hear much today. Typically, the only reference to loyalty you hear these days is in regard to the family dog and yet, loyalty is an important spiritual strength. Loyalty, at it’s root, is faithfulness in action. A husband rejects adultery out of loyalty to his wife. A mother stands up for her children out of loyalty towards them. Within loyalty is the essence of remaining steadfast regardless of the situation.

In an ever growing world of instant technology and buy today, throw away tomorrow purchases, loyalty is greatly needed. While there are things in life we should hold onto loosely, there are other things we must remain faithful in. These things include our marriages, families and churches. Imagine if families around the world decided to remain faithful to each other no matter the circumstance. What if, every person committed their loyalty to a church (regardless of minor differences) or even starting a church where one is needed. If God has placed a task on your heart, follow through with it. Believe me, our world would change. The culture of broken marriages and church splits would halt and we could stand united under Christ and proclaim His faithfulness while displaying it.

Is there an area that you lack loyalty? This week, continue to pray and tell the Lord your desire to remain loyal to your (spouse, your children, your church and most of all, your God. After all, when you remain focused on the Lord, He will help you remain steadfast through the storms.

“Being loyal in the Bible is viewed as a spiritual strength and being disloyal as a character flaw.”


Heavenly Father, If I have been disloyal to you or others, I ask that You would forgive me. Lord, You remain faithful to us regardless of how unfaithful we are. I thank You for this and ask that You would give me the strength to remain loyal to my family, friends and church. Use me to display Your faithfulness to a world that needs it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Rob Lavallee

Scriptural Seeds Ministries


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