November 23 2017 – Thanksgiving – Love Offering to God

Today’s Devotion written by Pastor Roy T Squyres

“THANKSGIVING” Love Offering to GOD

“Therefore, by The HOLY SPIRIT, let us continually offer the gift of our praise to GOD, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving loving thanks to the LORD JESUS CHRIST.”(Hebrews 13:15—paraphrased-rts)

The Dictionary defines THANKSGIVING:
“an expression of loving gratitude, especially to GOD.”

In the United States, Canada, and much of the world, Thanksgiving is a Holiday commemorating a festival of Harvest Blessing, that we may remember to be thankful for what we have, and what we have received, and to express our gratitude to GOD for HIS Bountiful Provisions.

King David, in 1 Chronicles 16: 4 & 34, gave to GOD offerings to commemorate, thank, and praise HIM, and said, ” Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for HE is GOOD! For HIS Mercy is EVERLASTING.”

Furthermore in Ephesians 5:20, the Apostle Paul encourages Christians to ” give thanks always for all things, to GOD the FATHER, in the Name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.”

May we, as the family of GOD, during this Harvest Season the world over, take a moment, and lovingly offer to our GOD a hearty spirit filled “Thank YOU HEAVENLY FATHER for sending YOUR SON JESUS, and the many Blessings YOU have given us this year!”

And perhaps you will give a moment in time, and express your gratitude to our Father and the LORD JESUS by writing down a blessing HE has given you and/or your loved ones.

As “The HOLY SPIRIT brings all things to your remembrance.”It is a true action of Faith, to acknowledge JESUS’ LORDSHIP of our lives, and GOD is very “Well Pleased” with our love offerings.

Maybe you will join us in the 1st Scriptural Seeds Thanksgiving List”, as we all “count our blessings, one by one.” You are our blessing, and are invited to participate in an even greater one, if you will, to write and forward to, and through, Scriptural Seeds Ministries, and to the world, a short testimonial of your most memorable Blessing JESUS gave to you this year, and post it in our Prayer-Praise request, our comment box, and even hitting “Liked by you”. It will be a Witness to the un-saved world of HIS LOVE, and Light up our loving gratitude for our LORD and SAVIOR—a BEACON LIGHT in a lost dark world.

May our LORD JESUS ANEW HIS BLESSINGS on you and your loved ones, even more Fruitfully this coming year.

Happy, Loving Thanksgiving Church Family

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We are your Bond-servants in Christ.

Roy Squyres


Scriptural Seeds Ministries

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