January 15th 2017 – Wars and Battles

Today’s message from Roy Squyres 

“Where do Wars and Battles come from?” (James 4:1)

Man has been killing man from the beginning, when Cain killed Able and since our first parents (Adam and Eve) chose their own will be done, and not God’s will be done. Mankind has been infected with the fatal fleshly Cancer of Death (sin) into all generation, until our present day.

“For God spoke to man saying, ‘Every GOOD tree in the garden you may freely eat, BUT the tree of the knowledge of GOOD and Evil you will not eat, for in the day that you shall eat of it you will surely die’ “. (Gen.1:17-18)

Disobedient self-will (sin) entered Mankind that day when Adam and Eve wilfully chose Evil over God’s GOOD WILL, as Man already knew God (Jesus said, ‘Only God is GOOD’)

Nations wars against nation, neighbor battles neighbor, husbands and wives argue with each other, children are angry with parents, and on and on. Wars, Battles, Fights, Arguments, Killings, all because Man will have his own way, and believes the deadly lie of satan, the Evil father of death.

Jesus Christ, The KING of PEACE, spoke and showed us, by His example, True Love of Peace without wavering. He is and was the one TRUE GOD, and when we as Mankind put Him to trial, by beating Him, cursing , mocking, and falsely accusing Him, “HE HELD HIS PEACE”. He had not done anything Evil, but only went about doing GOOD. Where He chose not to do His own will, but only obey His Heavenly Father’s, we chose our own self-will to reject Him, and our own sins killed the God of Loving GOODNESS.

It takes two opposing each other to have a war. But if one chooses not to war, we see Jesus’ True example of Love and PEACE. His sacrificing His Will and laying His Rights down out of LOVE for us. God gave us free-will to choose, what would happen if we chose to surrender our self-will and give it to God and His GOOD-WILL be done? If we gave Him our self rights for His GOOD-RIGHTS to be done. Our wrongs for His Forgiving Love.

Jesus gave His Life for us, His innocence for our guilty willfulness, His GOODNESS for our Evilness. He did this for us and we can have Peace with God NOW—HE Will do it for you, if you let Him. Ask The KING of Peace in to your heart and put an end to your Wars and Battles.

You will–won’t you?


Holy Father, we are so weary, and worn out, and in deep need of Your Peace within us. Be please to send The KING of PEACE into our inner being. Take out of us, by the root, the desire of fleshly self-will to WAR and BATTLE and send King JESUS into our hearts, in Christ we pray Amen.

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Roy Squyres

Scriptural Seeds Ministries


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