March 26th 2016 – Humbled Before the Lord


“Who is this coming up from the wilderness, Leaning upon her beloved? I awakened you under the apple tree. There your mother brought you forth; There she who bore you brought you forth.” (Song of Solomon 8:5)

While it may not seem a big deal to us today, in the time of Solomon, it was a great humble act for someone like a king to choose a commoner as his bride. Yet, despite the fact that she was a servant in the vineyards, Solomon found her under the apple tree and pursued her.

It could be said that it was his humility that began this great and passionate love that is revealed in the pages of Song of Solomon. Even in our own lives, it is often in those moments when we are humble before the Lord and others that we experience the power and blessings of God.

This was the case in my own life. I had moved to a new town for a job, after moving there and finding out that the company I was going to work for scrapped the project. I was unable to find a job for the first time in my life. I was alone and absent from friends and family.  It had been 8 days since I had eaten. I was at one of the lowest points of my life, I felt broken and completely alone. It was the first time I can remember really asking God for help. I came to him with nothing but humbleness.  I cried in His presence for hours.

It was at that point that my life completely changed. All of the prayers that I prayed in Gods presence were answered exactly as I had prayed. That following day, I found a job, I met my beautiful wife and her wonderful family. I was even able find some odd jobs to make money to hold me over.

I have learned that humility is not debilitating of ourselves, but a right understanding of who we are in light of God and His majesty. When we understand that we deserve nothing from God because of our sin, we are brought low before Him. Yet, once we realize the great love that the Lord has for us, we are brought high into His presence by His grace. It’s in this attitude of humility and love that we are able to truly enjoy the life God has given us.

“Humility prepares our hearts to rightly receive God’s blessings.”


Dear God, I know that I am undeserving of Your blessings and yet, I praise You for the loving kindness You have shown towards me. Help me to walk in humility so that I may experience this life in light of Your goodness and grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you are in a spot that your life is not going as you planned, try humbleness and ask Jesus for help. He stands at the door waiting for you to open it and let Him in.

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Rob Lavallee
Scriptural Seeds Ministries
Copyright Scriptural Seeds Ministries 2016

1 thought on “March 26th 2016 – Humbled Before the Lord

  1. roysquyres

    “T hank you Father for Your son,Jesus-robin. Who has gone into the firey lions den, and you were there with him. You say a gentleheart and humbled spirit You will not despise. Thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of a King, Your Love and Presence with us, and Your suffering for our sake. You are our HERO- GOD, and we praise You in Christ. Amen.”

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