March 4th 2016 – Don’t be Late


“Now Israel pleads with me, ‘Help us, for you are our God!’ But it is too late. The people of Israel have rejected what is good, and now their enemies will chase after them.” (Hosea 8:2-3)

Have you ever gone looking for something but were unable to find it? Do you remember how frustrating it was to need something but to not be able to have it? What if that something or someone you needed was the key to a life and death situation? Would you seek more urgently or would you put it off hoping things turn out OK in the end? Sadly, many in our world are faced with the reality of sin and death yet never look to the One who holds the keys to life.

(Isaiah 55:6) “Seek the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.”

Our Heavenly Father stands over us desiring to rescue us from our sin. He made a way for us to be rescued through His Son, Jesus, who died in our place. His death and resurrection created a life raft to safety for anyone who would call on His name. The raft is there, but we must respond before it is too late. If you are reading this and do not know if you’ve responded to God’s offer of rescue and new life, then I encourage you to pray the prayer below. If you have experienced God’s saving power and the hands of rescue through Jesus Christ, then I challenge you to look for others sinking in darkness. Share the life-saving Truth of Jesus with them so that they too can be saved. Its as simple as sending this devotion to someone that God has placed on your heart.

“We should seek the Lord while we can find Him. One day, it will be too late.”


Dear Jesus, I believe You died for me so that I could be forgiven. I believe You were raised from the dead so that I could have new life. I know I’ve done wrong things, and I’m sorry. Please forgive me and give me the power to follow You all the days of my life. Amen

Personal note:

I would like to take a moment and personally thank all of the people that read the daily devotions that I post each day. I thank you for the Likes and all the Forwarding via social media. Since we started Scriptural Seed’s Daily Devotions, God has been expanding His reach internationally. We now have an average of 10K of views a day reaching 52 countries so far.

A Total of 828 People have accepted Jesus through this ministry. and thats only the ones that have taken time to email or click the acknowledge button.

Here are a few Ideas the Lord has placed on my heart.

(1)  Weekly Church Service with Worship.

(2) Weekly Interactive Online Bible Study

(3) Weekly Online Celebrate Recovery Meeting

(4) Live Interactive Prayer Wall with staff to pray with people.

(5) Guest Speakers

(6) Streaming Inspirational Music and Videos

(7) “Tina’s Corner” Uplifting Inspirational Photos and Post.

(8) Online Support Page. A place to post ministry needs and prayers.  (God has made it possible to without any online support to date) Amen…

Please considder how God is leading you to be involved in this incredible ministry.

Please email me at if you are interested. I then set a series of online meetings so we can discuss it together. This is a very efficent ministry. We can change the lives of people together. Please pray about it.

The site is

God bless you.

Pastor Rob Lavallee

Scriptural Seeds Ministries

One thought on “March 4th 2016 – Don’t be Late

  1. roysquyres

    “Thank You Heavenly Father, for what you are doing, through our Scriptural Seeds ministry and Your Great outpouring to the lost and needy. May you bless even more, as we follow Your leading in 2016. And may You guide us in this Your ministry, to Your Honor and Praise in JESUS. Amen.”

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