August 11th 2015 – A Lesson from Jonah


Early in the day, i pray asking God to reveal His will for me. Many times, I am quickly aware of a direction I should take. Sometimes, though I am not so sure.

At times, such as these, I continue on with my day by being productive and only doing those things that I feel God would be pleased with. I prefer to please God, not annoy Him. 

Not so with, Jonah. He was given a clear directive from God. He was to travel to Nineveh and confront the people living there, of their wickedness. They were guilty of pride, greed, brutality and adultery. God was not pleased with them.

Jonah, did not agree with God’s calling for him. He wanted “out”. Instead, of fulfilling God’s Will, he chose, instead, to attempt to hide. He wanted to get as far away from God as he could. No way, did he want to confront the inhabitants of Nineveh. So he stole away on a ship to Tarshish; thinking it would solve his predicament. Instead, it only made things worse. The ship succumbed to a mighty storm at sea and Jonah found himself, not only overboard, but swallowed alive by a leviathon (Whale) of the ocean. Read Jonah 1 – 4

We might say, he went from the frying pan, into the fire! Realizing what he had done, he beseeched God to forgive him.

Jonah’s story contains a strong warning to all godly people. We can easily miss the blessing of God’s grace, when extended beyond our comfort zone. In our human-ness, we only have enough vision to see our circumstances where we are at. God, on the other hand, sees the whole picture. He has planned our lives, and He will fulfill all His plans if we trust Him.

One of my favorite verses in the bible reads “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord. “They are plans to give you hope and a future. When you call upon Me, and pray to Me with all your heart, I will be found by you and I will bring you to a place, that I kept exclusively for you”. (Jeremiah 29:10-13)

The point is: I would prefer to do God’s bidding and listen to His guidance, rather than go against His leading and direction for me. So, each day I pray that I will hear His directive and I will not just agree, I will obey.


Father God, We in our own selfishness and disobedience really create so many more problems then we should have to endure. We can be so arrogant at times. We find ourselves needing Your help, crying out to You and graciously You come to our rescue, In these times we are humbled and helpless, we listen because we have made a mess of our lives on our own.

So many times after you have lifted us up, and helped us, we forget and return to trying to control our situations rather than trusting You to lead us.

Father God help us to, not only hear your voice, but give us the strength to obey Your calling for our lives. . We love you. Amen

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Rob Lavallee

Scriptural Seeds Ministries 

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